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Container and Prefabricated Buildings

Container and Prefabricated Buildings

What is Prefabricated in terms of Houses, Construction Sites, Types and All Their Advantages?

The concept prefabricated structures comes into our lives when we look for temporary marina solutions. Meanwhile, prefabricated structures have become a building form of their own. In this article, where we are looking for an answer to the question of what is prefabricated, you will see how you can use smart marina solutions with the prefabricated structure method.

What is Prefabricated?

In order to find an answer to the question of what is prefabricated, we first need to look at the root of the word. The word prefabricated has been introduced into our language from the concept of pre-preparation, as well as prefabricated in English.

Prefabricated, which means a pre-prepared house, is the production and assembly of the components of a structure at a factory or other manufacturing site; and the transport to the construction site for assembly.

The main purpose of using this term is to separate this style of construction from traditional construction practices when answering the question of what is prefabricated.

What is the Difference Between Prefabricated Construction and Classical Construction?

Prefabricated houses end up on site in an instant. However, classic construction takes much longer…  So, apart from this time difference, what is the difference between classical construction and prefabricated construction? In order to find an answer to this, we need to remember our answer to the question of what is prefabricated.

When building a house using traditional methods, first the materials are moved to the site. These materials include bricks, timber, cement, sand, steel and construction materials. A foundation is then dug and a house is built on this foundation.

In the construction of prefabricated houses, the initial stage is carried out in the same way. First of all, a foundation is laid on which the house will be positioned. The house, which was then manufactured elsewhere with everything including the wall, floor and roof sections; even the window and door frames, is delivered to this foundation by a crane. It is then bolted to the foundation.