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About Us

About Us


Our company started its activities under the name of “Ramazan Kurt Nakliyat Hafriyat” by Ramazan Kurt in Gaziantep in 1990 and continued for many years with his siblings under the umbrella of family employers.

In 90s, he carried out some work such as Foundation Excavation, Excavation and Landscaping of the companies such as SANKO Holding, Örmesan Holding, Bileşik İnşaat, Uğur İnşaat, Sakıcı İnşaat, Arif Sözmen İnşaat, Çalışkan İnşaat, Oska İnşaat, Rıdvan Köksüzer İnşaat (MRS).

Since 01.01.2005, Ramazan Kurt has institutionalized the employership of Ramazan Kurt as “Deniz Kurt İnşaat Taah. Nak. Pet. San. Tic. Ltd.Şti.” continued
its infrastructure works such as Road Construction, Sewerage and Drinking Water in the Villages of Gaziantep Private Provincial Administration.

In various provinces; it completed some works such as Mardin Nusaybin > White Water Line, 43 Km Erzincan Special Provincial Administration > 12 Km of Road Construction in Trabzon Van Başkale 6th Border Regiment > 18 Km of Road Construction Between Zonguldak and Çaycuma > 28 Km of Road Construction And as of 2011, they are continuing their work in some areas in the province of Gaziantep mainly such as;

Bridge Junction Foundation Excavation Construction of City Drinking Water Tank Natural Gas and Channel Excavation Infrastructure Sewerage operations
Road Construction and Culvert Construction Surface dressing construction (districts and villages) Hot Asphalt construction